Quotations and missing words quiz for Journey’s End

Use your copies of the play to find out who said the following – choose from: Hardy / Osborne / Trotter / Hibbert / Stanhope / Raleigh and fill in the missing words:

Act one

1 ‘A dugout got blown up and came down in the men’s ……tea.. . They were frightfully annoyed’ P2
2 ‘He’s a long way the ….best… company commander we’ve got.’ P4
3 ‘Other men come over here and go home again ………ill……, an young Stanhope goes on sticking it…’ P6 Continue reading “Quotations and missing words quiz for Journey’s End”

Journey’s End Summary – may be spoilers

Pages 1-6

We meet Hardy (just going on leave) and Osborne (just coming back to the trench for 6 days.) they make jokes about the war: socks, boots and the enemy ‘115 rifle grenades – I shouldn’t use them if I were you; they upset Jerry…’

They discuss Stanhope; Hardy regards him as a drinker, whereas Osborne is more protective, commenting on how he is ‘the best company commander we’ve got…’ and ‘I’ve seen him on his back all day with trench fever then on duty all night.’

Pages 7- 29

When Hardy suggests that Osborne should be in charge he replies, ‘There isn’t a man to touch him as a commander of men… I love that fellow. I’d go to hell with him.’
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