Ayer ‘God Talk is evidently nonsense’ – Paragraphs 4 and 5 Text and questions

“It is not within the scope of this enquiry to enter more deeply into the causes of religious feeling, or to discuss the probability of the continuance of religious belief. We are concerned only to answer those questions which arise out of our discussion of the possibility of religious knowledge. The point which we wish to establish is that there cannot be any transcendent truths of religion. For the sentences which the theist uses to express such ‘truths’ are not literally significant.
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January 2012 Section B question

To what extent does digital distribution affect the marketing and consumption of media products?

Area of focus: Film and ‘We need to talk about Kevin.’

In terms of film, digital distribution has to do with the physical producing of film on digital video (which has begun to replace old-style analogue film with its loss of quality after so many copies and its habit of deteriorating after multiple uses) and the distribution to outlets for consumption by the public by the internet e.g. the ability to purchase the film from Amazon or on digital download from NetFlicks.

There are many advantages to this new technology, not least in the cutting out of generational signal loss and the ability to simultaneously release any film worldwide rather than a staggered release.