19th April 1916 – Raleigh’s diary

I can’t believe how lucky I am. I never dared even hope that I might be assigned to Stanhope’s company; Dennis – of all people – that I should be so lucky to be under his command. Everyone out here seems to have heard of him; how brave he is; but more than that he’s my hero – not that I’d ever tell him. It’s not the done thing.

He didn’t seem all that pleased to see me but Osborne was at pains to tell me that Stanhope had changed. I didn’t notice it but perhaps I will, though I did notice he had a little whisky and yet he used to really tell the fellows off if he caught them drinking.
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Is Stanhope a hero?

What is a hero – list, explain and describe the kind of qualities a hero is expected to have – concentrate on those which you would expect Stanhope to have e.g. to be a good leader to his men, to be an inspiration, to be fearless and others.

Paragraph 1
Now write about the context of the play Journey’s End and when it was written and what about and what it seems to say about heroism.
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