A few points about Ayer’s point of view on ‘meaninglessness’

It’s like the child who argues with his teacher when told if he doesn’t do the work then he will be in detention. ‘When will it be? I can’t manage after school. I’m with Mr Pallet every lunchtime. Alex isn’t working either but you don’t put him in detention.’ The whole discussion is pointless since they are not in detention yet!!


The question what would aliens be like if they lived on Jupiter?

Nothing can live on Jupiter because of the gravity.

So just humour me!

What’s the point?


If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?

You won’t so what is the point?

On the other hand…

The existence of neutrinos and black holes was greeted sceptically by scientists but instead of shutting down research it went on and now both are accepted by the scientific community.


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