Mrs Scales has retired

To the readers of this site, Mrs Scales retired in 2017. She is enjoying her retirement by travelling around the world, gardening and playing (too much) Wii frisbee golf.

This site will remain online for many more years but no additional content will be added in the foreseeable future.

Donovan paragraphs 55,61 and 66-67

(iii) ‘Experience of’ is not in itself knowledge
Suppose it were indisputable that God is genuinely experienced in some form of first-hand awareness. It does not follow that such first-hand experience or encounter, on its own, would count as knowledge at all. The point can be put this way. We generally think that someone who has experienced something for themselves is in a better position to know the truth about it than someone who has not. Yet why should that be so? What does first-hand experience add, that all available second-hand knowledge cannot supply?

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